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TNPA Fundraising and Marketing Conference

TNPA Fundraising and Marketing Conference

TNPA Fundraising and Marketing Conference

4/21/2020 - 4/23/2020


The Nonprofit Alliance Fundraising & Marketing Conference is coming to Boston, April 21-23, 2020.  This inaugural conference for seasoned nonprofit sector professionals is your new must-attend event. 

This event will sell out!  Save the date and make your plans now to join us.

Tue, April 21

12:30-6:00           Registration Open

1:00-4:30              Catholic Fundraising Forum: Managing Hurdles & Motivating Mission

In today’s challenging fundraising environment, how are Catholic organizations managing hurdles while staying true to our mission?  How can we separate our organizations from crisis-focused news headlines?  As congregations are turning to lay people for key staff positions, like development and finance, how do we maintain our Catholic authenticity?  Dive into the challenging topics of today with facilitated discussion.  This is a special program for Catholic organizations; attendance is limited to 50 people.  Corporate sponsors of the Catholic Development Council (CDC) events at this conference will also be invited to attend.


James Kopp, Vice President and Managing Director of Nonprofit Programs, Cathedral Corporation

Nicholas T. Schafer, CFRE, Director of Mission Advancement, Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation

5:00-5:30              Opening General Session

Keynote Presentation: The Game Has Changed

Chris Herren, Founder, Herren Project

An exceptional basketball player, Chris Herren was a celebrated star in his native Fall River, MA before graduating high school. He went on to play at Boston College and Fresno State, two seasons in the NBA – including one with his hometown team, the Boston Celtics – and seven seasons overseas before losing it all to the disease of addiction.

His recovery journey has been well-documented in the bestselling memoir, “Basketball Junkie” and the Emmy-nominated ESPN Films documentary, “Unguarded." Chris has spoken to more than 1 million students and community members, sparking honest discussions about substance use disorder and wellness. In 2011, Chris grew his vision of support for others when he founded the nonprofit Herren Project. Through the organization, Chris and his team empower young people to make healthy choices, while also guiding families through recovery.

Join Chris and Center on Addiction CEO Creighton Drury as they share Chris's powerful message and discuss why and how they partnered around Chris’s most recent film, “The First Day." Through this collaboration, they are leveraging their respective strengths in pursuit of transforming the way individuals, families, and the country are addressing the addiction crisis.

6:30-7:30              Networking Reception

Wed, April 22

8:00-9:00              Rise & Shine! Continental Breakfast

9:00-10:15           Breakout Session 1

10:15-10:30         Refreshment Break

10:30-11:45         Breakout Session 2

12:00-1:30           Networking Lunch

1:45-3:00              Breakout Session 3

3:00-3:30              Refreshment Break

3:30-4:45              Breakout Session 4

Thur, April 23

7:30-8:00              Sun’s Up, Let’s Go!  Continental Breakfast

8:00-9:00              General Session: Women Are Now Driving Philanthropy – Are You Prepared to Engage Them?

Kathleen Loehr, Senior Consultant, Aspen Leadership Group

Women's wealth is rising quickly -- as is their influence in both family philanthropic decisions and their own individual giving. Are you preparing for this next decade when women will become even more powerful philanthropists in our society, but giving in ways that are different than men? The keynote is designed to help you become aware of the research on gender differences in charitable giving behavior. You will hear several success stories from organizations which changed their approach to resonate more deeply with women and gained significant results. You will also hear many examples of how to translate the research into adapted fundraising behaviors to significantly grow the support from your female donors.

Kathleen’s women’s philanthropy expertise results from strategic designs to engage more women at universities (Cornell University, University of San Francisco, Duke University, The College of William Mary), nonprofits (American Red Cross, Women Moving Millions, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, the National Women’s History Museum), sororities (Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, the Alpha Phi Foundation) and girls’ schools (Louise S. McGehee School).  Kathleen translates the research on how women give into practical actions fundraisers can take in her book, Gender Matters: A Guide to Growing Women’s Philanthropy (2018).

9:15-10:30           Breakout Session 5

10:45-12:00         Breakout Session 6

12:00                   Departures

During the conference you'll be able to choose from a fantastic line-up of breakout sessions, including: 

M+R Online Benchmarks 2020: You vs. Everyone Else

Ever wonder how your email, web, social media, and digital advertising results stack up? Come get the baselines you need to drive your organization’s strategies, and get straight answers to your burning questions from some of the industry’s leading experts. The M+R Benchmarks Study is your in-depth annual review of what’s working, what’s trending, and what’s changing for online fundraising, advocacy, and marketing. This year (our 14th!), we have more details and data than ever from the public media sector to help you reach the front of the pack.

Madeline Stanionis, Partner, M+R

Amy Peyrot, Vice President, M+R

Gender Matters: A Practical Approach to Grow Women's Philanthropy

We now know that our deeply engrained “best practices” either turn off women or gain only minimal support from them when so much more is possible. We finally have deep and quantifiable research showing how women give differently, yet what are the practices, behaviors and processes to adapt so we engage women donors in ways that acknowledge their preferences?

This workshop with plenary will help leaders and fundraisers understand in greater depth the current fundraising behaviors that may not resonate with their women donors. They will hear many examples of how to translate the research into more effective approaches. Participants will then work on specific adaptations they can begin and leave the workshop with action steps to take upon returning to their offices. Space is limited; pre-registration required.

With Plenary Speaker Kathleen Loehr

Eliminate the Guesswork (and Wasted Investment) of Acquisition

Every organization wants to acquire more donors. Unfortunately, acquisition seems to be getting more difficult (and expensive) in today’s increasingly noisy world. The traditional tactics we’ve relied on for years aren’t as effective. So how can maximize your investment in acquisition by focusing on the right donors with the right message? That’s the question Pursuant and PAN Foundation set out to answer as they looked for the most effective way to build the foundation’s individual giving program.  This session will unpack how the foundation leveraged advanced analytics to identify which audiences, geographic markets, case for support messages, and communication channels would produce the greatest results before they began testing different campaigns.  If you want to eliminate the guesswork around acquisition & maximize the investment you make to acquire the right donors, you won’t want to miss this session.

Leena Patel, Senior Director of Development, PAN Foundation

Matthew Mielcarek, Vice President, Analytics & Insights Strategy, Pursuant

Creative Techniques for an Omni-Channel World

How do you authentically engage your donors when they connect with you across multiple channels? We’ll show you how to use different techniques to communicate information effectively and motivate your supporters to act and donate. We’ll share top performing formats and techniques by channel and some surprises along the way.

Dara Igersheim, Vice President, Avalon Consulting Group

John Perell, Director of Direct Response and Shared Services, Friends of Smithsonian

Daniel Vincent, Director of Membership, The Trustees of Reservations

Why Should Hispanics Give to You?

In this generation, the key to accelerate fundraising growth is to recognize the potential of diversity donors. But are nonprofits communicating effectively their causes to ethnic audiences? In our groundbreaking research "Why Should Hispanics Give to You?", we found most organizations struggle to articulate their value proposition to this influential demographic segment. The study looks at 57 leading nonprofits across six different verticals and scores the effectiveness of their message on the web, social, email, and phone based on a proven methodology developed by MECLABS. Among the nonprofits analyzed are The Nature Conservancy, Salvation Army, San Diego ZOO, St. Jude Hospital, and University of Miami. 

Ivan Leon, Chief Strategist, Kerux Group, Inc.

Adapting to Legal Challenges in the New Data Privacy Environment

New privacy laws at the Federal and State Level such as The California Consumer Privacy Act are rapidly emerging. These laws designate the types of entities including Businesses, Services Providers and 3rd Parties and the new responsibilities they have regarding data management and privacy.  This will be a deep-dive discussion on understanding how to structure contracts and manage legal compliance in this new environment for fundraisers, marketing agencies and data providers.

Adam Treiser, JD, CEO, Arjuna Solutions

Bryn Weaver, General Counsel & Chief Data Ethics Officer, Wiland

How to Create and Sustain the Best Major Gift Program Ever

Too many non-profits either don't have a major gift program or they're struggling with the one they do have. Worse yet, many non-profits think their major gift program is doing great, but when you actually look at the data, they are losing 40-60% of their revenue due to donor value attrition every year... even though their bottom-line numbers say they are growing!  What is the single greatest contributor to failing at major gifts?  What are the 7 things your major gift program MUST have to be successful?  Do you know what makes a great Major Gift Officer and why it's the toughest development job there is?  What are the pitfalls and the vipers you have to watch out for so your major gift program doesn't blow up?   Come get all the answers alongside great stories that will touch your heart and convince your soul that you have to get this Major Gift thing right. If you want to take your major gift program to a completely new level that puts your donors first, this is a MUST attend session for you.

Jeff Schreifels, Senior Partner, Veritus Group

Hot Topic Debate: Premiums in Fundraising

Which side will come out on top in this friendly staging of a debate on the topic many of us have supported or challenged: premiums or no premiums?  What audiences should receive premiums?  Do they “make sense” for acquisition … ongoing renewal … frontend vs. backend fulfillment?  How should lifetime value be applied?  Are you better off with the old successful standbys or is there something new that’s breaking through? 

Debate facilitated by: Scott Bell, VP Client Services, MarkeTeam

Debate participants: To be announced!

It’s All About Audience: Moving from Channel-First to Audience-First Acquisition

Acquisition: it’s a challenge we’re all facing – in fact it’s a challenge experienced by all marketers, commercial brands and fundraisers alike. What’s even more challenging? The changes in consumer behavior, and the broader evolution of the media landscape, have forced us to rethink how we approach acquisition. Today, it’s not about channel, it’s all about audience.     But what does this actually mean in real life fundraising? What does it take to migrate your organization from a channel-first to an audience-first approach? In this session, we’re sharing ideas to re-imagine your acquisition programs, looking at methods across a range of acquisition media, including: offline and programmatic DM, performance/lead gen partners, sponsored or hosted events, and refined or improved lists and audience strategies. Rather than looking at these channels individually, we’re going to explore what it means to take an integrated, audience-led approach. We’ll feature case studies and discussion with nonprofits seeing success with this shift in strategy.

Tara Ingram, National Director, Direct Response, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Katy Jordan, VP of Integrated Media & Strategy, Nonprofit,ForwardPMX

The Future is Here: 2020’s Newest Trends in Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is the next frontier for many organizations and it’s getting... frontierier. Targeting is getting more sophisticated, creative is getting more personal, and there are whole new platforms to reach your supporters (Alexa! TikTok! Podcasts! Oh my!). No one person can possibly keep track of all the latest trends in advertising, so we’re compiling our nonprofit ads experience across organizations and bringing them to you. Come to this session and find out about hot new advertising strategies that are helping nonprofits reach more people, grow their supporter base, and do more good in the world.

Rami Azzam, Digital Director, USA for UNHCR

Matt Derby, Senior Vice President, M+R

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. 

The nonprofit sector has long been the voice of under-represented populations and marginalized people. Are we living up to our own advocacy?  What’s holding us back, and how do we break through our own barriers for authentic inclusion across all of our stakeholder constituencies: staff, board, volunteers, donors, beneficiaries?  Join this honest conversation with a social justice pioneer and claim your responsibility for change leadership in your organization.

Wesley Combs, Principal, Combs Advisory Services

The TNPA Speed Dating Idea Exchange: Your Idea MULTIPLIES!

It’s a simple premise with a big time valuable return on investment: Take two minutes to present a cool acquisition success story that you have executed in the last year to another fundraising mover-shaker just like yourself, who then has two minutes to share theirs with you.  Then, when the bell goes off, take your idea and move on to another partner for another four-minute sharing session, and get another new idea to take home with you. And so on.  The price of admission? One good (and sharable) acquisition idea that showed promise in 2019. So, like any good fundraising offer, your one cool idea gets MULTIPLIED! Bring that one good idea to the session—and leave with multiple good ideas!  This is a rapid-fire, high-energy idea exchange that will leave you inspired—and well-stocked—with new approaches to turbo-charge your 2020 acquisition program, and beyond.

Samantha Jasnos, Senior Digital Strategist, TrueSense Marketing

David Torres, Creative Director, TrueSense Marketing

Stacy Joseph, Assistant Vice President, Annual Giving, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute



Face to Face in the Fishbowl

Face-to-face is the number one channel for acquiring sustainers three years running, with two-thirds of new directly acquired sustainers coming from door or street fundraising.  This a discussion of the good, the bad, and the ugly: launching a new channel, auditing a mature channel, managing organizational expectations, handling internal politics and other possible barriers, optimizing the donor journey, what to look for in your contract and vendor, and maximizing ROI in this growing channel.

Diane Clifford, Managing Director, Constituency Development, Share Our Strength | No Kid Hungry

Jill Miller, Associate Director, Sustainer Fundraising, The Nature Conservancy

Sarah Flis, Chief Operating Officer, Ascenta Group

Kelly England, CEO/Founder, Multiply Strategies

Kevin Schulman, Founder, DonorVoice


Remote Working – It Can Work for Your Organization! Learn How Now!

There are very few leaders today, that would argue with research and results that exist from having the most talented, and experienced employees available working for your organization.  Because when you have great people, married with a culture of trust and respect, your business’s is more sustainable, relevant and profitable. Yet so many organizations still value presence over performance, and require their employees to be physically present and accounted for five days a week.  Remote working is the answer to attracting the best talent available, retaining your employees, and improving overall wellbeing of morale and the organizations financial results.      In this session, led by long time industry veterans, who are practitioners and believers of the value and benefits of remote working – you will experience the two sides of the remote working coin, with real experiences and results.  This session will open your hearts and minds, to what is possible to improving your existing remote working culture or team performance, or looking to launch a pilot program of remote working in the coming days ahead.

Dorene Ocamb, Chief Development Officer, Armed Services YMCA National HQ

Ben Harris, President, Production Solutions, Inc.

Live! Behavioral Science Workshop

Which behavioral principles affect giving, and how? See examples of how these principles have already improved fundraising efforts, then submit your communications for a live behavioral science audit and recommendations.

Dr. Kiki Koutremeridou, Chief Behavioral Scientist, DonorVoice

Meet Me in the Middle: Bridging the Gap Between Low-Dollar and Major Donors

Go the extra mile to acquire and cultivate your mid-level donors—and it will be well worth the effort!  In this session, we’ll cover how to:  how to design multi-channel cultivation and education strategies that will compel these donors to step up their giving. We’ll share the creative techniques that resonate for donors who are ready to increase their support. Plus, we’ll show you how to get more from your data, while building a file of committed, higher-dollar donors and increasing your return on investment.

Mikaela King, Vice President of Integrated Marketing, National Geographic Society

John Perell, Director of Direct Response and Shared Services, Friends of Smithsonian

Myles King, Director of Annual & Digital Fundraising, The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

Allison Porter, President, Avalon Consulting Group

Personalization in the Age of Automation

The Fundraising Effectiveness Project has continued to report bad news.  From the Q2 2019 report:  Overall revenue dropped 7.3% compared to the halfway point in 2018; The total number of donors is down 5.8%; The number of new donors dropped 9.5%; Mid-level (3.5%) and major donors (8.2%) both decreased.  As a result, nonprofits must find new and innovative ways to connect through the use of personalization.  This session will demystify personalization and showcase how two organization have used variable content in web experiences to drive higher acquisition volume at lower costs.

Meliah Cranmer, Media Manager, Children International

Jane McGrath, Sr. Manager Digital Giving and Engagement, American Bible Society

Jarred Schremmer, VP Media, RKD Group

There’s Nothing Alternative (Media) About It

As direct mail donor acquisition becomes more costly and non-profits struggle for scale and to accurately measure online approaches, alternative media is becoming a more effective and efficient tool for growth. Could newspaper inserts and magazine onserts become the new traditional media in the digital era?  Did you know that 15% of all online shoppers have become subscribers to some kind of e-commerce service in the past year?  These subscribers typically have higher incomes and less free time.  Are you reaching prospective donors in the 'subscription economy?  Did you know that there are ways to put your organization 'in the box'?  In this session, we will explore how alternative media solutions are supporting digital efforts and helping organizations appear next to the brands donors love all while offering new opportunities for targeting and converting new donors more efficiently.    But once you've acquired them, the work doesn't end.  These subscribers have come to expect personalized experiences and high-touch customer support.  We will share strategies for building lasting relationships with these new donors and share some exciting retention data.

Linda Williams, Chief Strategy Officer, THD

Michelle Syme, ,Executive Vice President, Strategy and Planning, Plus Media, Inc.

Be the Change: Encouraging Your Leadership Team to Embrace Innovation to Grow for the Future

As nonprofit professionals, we know the truth. The way we’ve done business in the past won’t likely be the way we are able to promote growth and success in the future. The times, they are a-changin’ – and we need to be ready to adapt and change, too. Maybe you have already hit some kind of a wall inside your organization. You had a brilliant idea for a strategy that you know will recruit more supporters and donors, raise more money, or chart a new course for your organization. The problem? It hasn’t yet been tested, it isn’t free – and you need to get organizational buy-in all the way to the top to make it happen. Maybe you aren’t even sure how to get started bringing folks on board to test. Perhaps you do all the leg work, and in the end it’s deemed too risky, watered down, or tabled “for now.” Maybe you are freaking out because you’re not even sure if you have any new ideas you want to promote internally!  Here’s the deal. We believe in you, and see how smart you are – so let’s start creating some cultures of innovation the drive the impact of our organizations.  In this roundtable session, we’ll enlist of team of nonprofit leaders to share how they have done exactly that. This isn’t your regular old Power Point and Q&A. Instead, we’ll hear a few case studies for how these leaders get things done and embrace new challenges. Then, we’ll talk it out, really unpacking the challenges we face and brainstorming solutions.

Mark Mitchell, Associate Director, Monthly Giving Program, Sierra Club

Chrissy Hyre, VP, Fearless Mobile Strategies

Neuro-Fundraising: A Glimpse Inside Your Donor’s Mind

Neuromarketing has been around for decades, but the art of applying the science to fundraising is still relatively new. One reason the nonprofit industry has been slower to adopt neuromarketing is the perception that the cost associated with testing campaigns puts the tool out of reach for many organizations. The truth is that any organization that can afford focus group testing, can afford Neuro-Fundraising services. But even organizations that can’t afford to test campaigns can utilize the principles of neuromarketing to improve the effectiveness of their fundraising. This session will help you understand the value of testing campaigns before going to market.

Daniel E. Karp, SVP, Integrated Direct Marketing, Covenant House

Geoff Peters, President of the Board, Moore DM Group

Tracy Trost, President & Lead Visionary, TCM Creative

Does Our Donate Now Button Require Charitable Registration? Cyberage Fundraising in an 80’s Regulatory Environment

Brush up on state charitable and corporate compliance requirements for nonprofits, and in particular the implications of cyber age fundraising activities -- online, email, social media, mobile, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, etc. -- as it relates to state charitable solicitation registration, disclosure and compliance requirements.  Are pending legislative and regulatory changes going to catch you off guard?  If you are responsible for fundraising compliance or if you advise nonprofits on compliance issues, you won’t want to miss this program.

Ronald J. Barrett, VP, Nonprofit Services, COGENCY GLOBAL, INC.

Robert Tigner, General Counsel, The Nonprofit Alliance

Keeping Up with the Social Norms: Instagram & Facebook

Social networking platforms are constantly changing their algorithms, products and formats as people are using the channels differently. Take, for instance, Instagram audiences --  younger, skew more urban, and often include people from traditionally marginalized communities -- incorporating Instagram Stories into their daily lives in fun and engaging ways. How can nonprofit organizations, especially in the small to mid-sized range keep up and break through with compelling content that will engage their audiences, build deeper relationships, and inspire people to take action? In this session, we’re providing insight about how to analyze your current strategy to understand what’s working, and how to plan or pivot for upcoming platform changes. From Facebook Fundraisers to gifs and quizzes, we’ll provide tips and strategies to ensure your social presence is working harder for you.

Preeti Desai, Director, Social Media & Storytelling, National Audubon Society

Christine Lin, Social Media Producer, National Audubon Society

Billy Grace, National Director, Global Strategy, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Call Holland, Director of Paid Media & Audience Growth, Nonprofit, ForwardPMX

Change the Channel & Lock It Down!  Integrated Monthly Giving Strategies to Get Sustainers Committed for the Long Haul

Monthly giving is a crucial element of your organization’s donor universe, helping to boost donor lifetime value, improve retention, and provide a steady source of revenue.  You need to be committed to keeping them engaged. Join us to learn how to grow your sustainer program with cross-channel strategies for recruitment, retention, stewardship, and upgrades. We’ll show how efforts across channels can reap unexpected benefits to the program overall. We’ll send you home with lots of great ideas.  You will leave with a toolbox of techniques to implement for your monthly giving program, large or small, spanning email, online advertising, social media, direct mail, telemarketing and mobile.  Join us for key points to make the case for support internally -- and likely have some laughs along the way. 

Jason Novelli, Senior Manager, Donor Marketing, Diabetes Canada

Aimie Paris-Jones, Assistant Director, Membership, ACLU

Liz Quick-Corral, Director of Development, World Animal Protection

Jonathan Locy, Senior Account Executive, Mal Warwick Donordigital

Amy Pawluk, Executive Vice President, Blakely Inc.

We look forward to seeing you in Boston for a wicked good conference and networking event!

Omni Parker House Hotel Boston MA
60 School St,
Boston, MA 02108 United States

Book with our conference room block for our special rate of $229/night, available April 21-24.

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